18 Work from home jobs that requires no experience you can do in 2021

There are several job opportunities present on the internet but the problem is they all required some experience to apply. it is hard to find out legitimate work from home jobs that requires no experience.in this article, I have listed the top 10 legitimate work from home jobs that requires no experience or very little experience. some of these jobs are very interesting and high paying. these all are part time work from home jobs so that you can work them for side income.

18 legitimate work from home jobs that requires no experience 

1.Content researchcontent research

Several videos and content creators need a content researcher who can collect the proper data from the internet. This saves time for the creator and they get a whole collection of data for their content. make sure you must provide them accurate and detailed data so that it does not create any problem. you can approach several YouTubers and bloggers in their contact us section to get the job.


If you have excellent typing speed and good listening ability then you can try this job. you need to listen to audio content and write it in the form of written content. You can approach some education companies because they always need a transcriptionist who can write notes by watching video lectures.

3.Data entryFreelance data entry

Data entry is one of the easiest jobs that require no experience and any knowledge on a particular field you just have to learn data management and spreadsheet so that you can develop well structured data for the companies. you can apply to freelance sites or you can approach companies direct for this post. you can charge hourly as per your project. 

4.Tech supportTech support

Tech support members have to solve queries of customers quickly via phone call and live chat and also they have to provide proper guidance to maintain a smooth user experience. You must have a solution to each and every step of the user’s problem and also creative ways to solve their queries and good communication skills. 

5.Online teachingonline teaching

There are several online learning platforms present on the internet that does not impose any experience criteria to hire an educator. you just need perfect command on the particular subject that you want to teach. some of the learning platforms are cambly,magicears, and tutor.com.also online tutoring is one of the highest paying sectors.

6.Survey jobssurvey jobs

There are several online survey providers who give money or testing and completing their surveys. I think it is a great way to earn some money without doing so much work. some of my favorite and highest paying survey websites are surveyjunkie and inboxdollars gives 5$ just for signing up.

7.Affiliate marketingaffiliate marketing

You can generate a huge amount of money by doing affiliate marketing. you have to share your affiliate links on social platforms by giving proper product details if someone purchases through it you will get a commission. some companies offer a huge percentage of commission to their affiliate member.

8.Social media managerSocial media manager

Social media managers have to manage the social accounts of busy peoples their work is to reply to comments of customers, replying to emails for collaborations, fixing n appointments, and deleting comments which are against the company’s policy. this job does not need any past experiences but you have proper knowledge of social media and also you have good communication skills.

9.Video creatorVideo creator

You can become a youtube and create youtube videos on a particular topic. creating videos does not require any past experience if your video is entertaining to your viers you can generate a huge amount of money from it. creating high-quality video content is also equally important.

10.Presentation makingPresentation making

If you are compatible with google slides and presentation making then you can become a freelance presentation creator. companies require beautiful and detailed presentations to attract their customers. you can directly approach them and work for them in return you can charge a decent amount of money.

11.graphic designinggraphic designing

graphic designing has a very high demand in all existing industries you can do graphic designing for the company to make their posters and presentation attractive. you can get these jobs on freelancing sites like Upwork, Linkedin, and Fiverr.

12.typing jobstyping jobs

companies need a member who can digitally type their data so that they can publish or share it anywhere. if you have excellent typing speed then you should definitely consider these jobs. you can easily get these jobs in Fiverr, Linkedin,flexjobs, and Upwork,

13.captcha fillingcaptcha filling

captcha filling jobs is one of the easiest jobs which does not require any type of skills and knowledge. you just have to identify the captcha and type it. you can fill hundreds of captcha in few hours and able to generate some decent amount of money. some websites which provide captcha filling works are megatypers,captcha2cash, and virtual bee.

14.website auditorwebsite auditor

the role of the website auditor is to check the overall content quality and search engine score of the website. they have to check that the website has included all the necessary things or not which is required for ranking on google.


proofreader has to cross-check the errors and inaccuracies in the given documents or content. after identifying it they have to send it to the content editor for correction. you can find this job in freelancer, Upwork, and Fiverr easily.

16.infographic designinginfographic designer

the infographic makes the quality of the article one step higher. content creators always in search of an infographic designer who can create an attractive infographics to provide step by step summary of the article.you can directly approach some content ceator via their contact us section for applying for this job.

17.logo designinglogo designing

A logo is the most important factor for a company’s identity it helps to create a unique image of the company. you can work as a logo designer for them and create beautiful, attractive, and unique logos.in return, you can charge them.you can find logo designing works on freelancers, Upwork, Fiverr, and LinkedIn.


if you are passionate about photography then you can make a huge amount of money from this passion. capture amazing and beautiful photos and sell them on some stock images websites like Unsplash and pixabay. they pay you on each number of downloads.


some frequently asked questions 

What job can I do at home with no experience?

You can do various jobs like freelancing, video editing, graphic designing, transcriptionist, typing, digital painting, tech support, etc. these jobs do not require any past experience you just need skills and some knowledge  in these fields

How can I make money from home with no experience?

You can make money from home without any experience by doing some online works like typing transcription, editing, writing, and completing tasks.

How do I begin working from home?

You can begin your online work by doing some micro-works like survey completion, website and application testing, captcha filling, typing, and proofreading jobs

What are the easiest jobs to get with no experience?

Some of the easiest jobs that do not require any prior experience are website testing, survey completion, captcha filling, transcription, and typing jobs.


these are my picks work from home job that requires no experience. you can start your online journey by doing these jobs but as you gain knowledge and experience in this field you can not imagine how much money you can make online. these jobs do not take so much time to do and do not affect your main work. you can do these jobs part time only.


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