10 best work from home jobs nyc,new york city in 2021

Searching for work from home jobs NYC, new your city? want to do some online part time job by just staying at home hen this article is for you. here I have listed the top 10 best work from home jobs NYC you can do these jobs easily and able to make some extra money to support your financial expenses. You can choose your jobs according to your interest and experience. some of the jobs require some sort of experience but most of them do not require any special qualification or experience 

10 work from home jobs NYC

1.CX AdvisorCX Advisor

In this job profile, you have to deliver positive customer support in your every interaction via emails live chat, and phone calls. collaborate with IT, management, and other departments to troubleshoot the customer’s problems. properly step by step guide to solve their issues. you must have great oral communication skills for smooth interaction with customers.

2.Freelance Home Audio Typist/Transcribertranscriptionist

The take 1 company needs an audio typing expert who has excellent grammar and spelling skills and a minimum typing speed of 75 words per minute. also, they have good oral communication skills and the ability to complete the task within the given deadline. they also have good knowledge of IT related equipment and works. A home audio typist has to type the given audio content with full of accuracy and concentration.

3.webchat sales representative Customer support member

As an Inside Sales Web Chat Representative, you’ll be coping with inbound leads from clients going to libertymutual.com. You will speak with clients via Chat, Audio, and video. As you seek advice from clients on their insurance needs and match the perfect coverages, products, and benefits with the aim to transform leads into clients. for this job, you must have good communicating skills.

4.personal lines sales agentpersonal lines sales agent

A personal lines insurance agent is certified to promote more than one form of insurance policies consisting of property and casualty, life, health, and liability insurance to protect people and households from monetary loss. you have to guide peoples via phone calls live chats, and emails and suggest to them the best possible insurance policy according to their needs.

5.customer order specialistcustomer order specialist

A customer order specialist has to manage and take care of timely and accurate delivery of special orders and its perfect installation of the products from the initial ordering process to complete delivery and installation of the products ensuring complete customer satisfaction. they have to guide the courier partner via phone calls from picking up the goods to complete installation at the right place.

6.Real state agentReal state agent

A real estate agent facilitates his or her customer’s purchase, rent, or sell properties. They suggest and guide their customers according to market conditions and provide the best possible solution to rent, lease or sell their property. they have to negotiate with clients and solve their property related issues. You must have good knowledge of real estate and excellent communication skills. you need a real estate agent license which is provided by the company under which you are working.

7.book cover designerbook cover designer

A book cover designer is responsible for developing the best cover pictures and artworks for the books. they have to communicate and collaborate with illustration designers and graphic designers and select the best possible artworks according to market demand. the candidate must have good knowledge of typography fonts color combinations and design sensibility.it is one o the best paying jobs.

8.Director of operationsDirector of operations


They have to manage and delegate duties to Customer Success, Sales, and Product group participants with competitive timelines for completion. Conduct normal group conferences to check productivity, assignment statuses, and offer optimistic remarks to the body of workers from distinct departments. Recruit new personnel and ensure they’re nicely trained. Set up and execute information series strategies to recognize client revel in and incubate new projects to enhance the overall performance of their programs.

9.Middle office desk supportMiddle office desk support

They have to provide all clerical support of the office. they have to perform all the office works like bookkeeping, data entry, form filling, resume checking, proofreading, and maintaining supplies. they have good knowledge of office procedures, document requirements, and computer knowledge. they need good organizing skills to perform these tasks.

10.compliance officialcompliance official

A compliance official is a person who guarantees that an organization follows its external administrative and legitimate necessities just as inner policies and local laws. compliance officers have an obligation to their manager to work with the executives and staff to investigate and manage regulatory risk.

some frequently asked questions on work from home jobs NYC

What jobs can you do in New York?

you can do jobs like

  • proofreading
  • freelancing
  • content writing
  • real estate agent
  • insurance officer
  • sales representatives
  • tech support

What jobs are in high demand in New York?

software developer, civil engineer, customer support, sales representative, graphic designing, and human resource manager is hr most demanded jobs in new york city.

What is the most common job in New York?

jobs in the health sector, real estate sector, insurance sector. information technology and personal care sectors are the most common jobs in new york city.

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