10 easy and high paying work from home jobs in florida

Searching work from home jobs in florida? well in this article I will tell you the best easy and legit work from home jobs you can do part-time along with your other work and earn some extra money. on the internet you can find several part-time works from home jobs but some of them are legit and some are just a wastage of time. so in this, list I have collected some best and easy jobs for you. you can choose according to your interest.

Some of the Easy and legit  work from home jobs in Florida 

1.Amazon content managerAmazon content manager

Amazon always needs a well-skilled content manager who has good writing ability and excellent communication skills. the main work of a content manager is to manage all the written content that appears on the website.so if you are interested in this work you can register on amazon.jobs.

2.Cloud application architectCloud application architect

Amazon is in search of a highly-skilled technical architect so if you have completed your studies in computer science and engineering and you have advanced technical skills then you can apply for this job and get a chance to work with world top-notch engineers present on amazon. 

3.Magicearsonline teaching

Magicears is one of the largest learning platforms present in the world. they are hiring tutors for their platform who can teach students in a fun way. you have at least a bachelor’s degree in any particular subject to apply for this job. Their main focus is to teach children of ages 4 to 12 years.

4.Customer cares at appleCustomer cares at apple

If you have proper knowledge of technical stuff and computers then you can apply for customers cares job at apple. basically, you have to solve queries of customers in live chats and emails. you have to work on particular fix times with the comfort of your home.

5.Data entryData entry

You can do data entry jobs part-time and earn some of the companies that provide data entry jobs are amazon, freelancer Fiverr, and Upwork. you have to create an organized data by using a spreadsheet and excel. this job ay you hourly as per your work and experience.

6.English teaching jobsEnglish teaching jobs

If you have graduated in English subject or you have a proper grip in English then you can get an online tutoring job on cambly. you will get a commission as per the classes you have taken. this job didn’t require any past experience nut you must have great teaching skills.

7.Content writerContent writer

Several popular websites are in search of a skilled content writer who can write high-quality content for their websites. if you have good writing ability then you can apply for this jobs. simply you need to find some website and leave our mail n their write for us section.

8.Social media managerSocial media manager

You can work as a social media manager of busy people .you have to approach them on social platforms. your work is replying to messages, emails of customers, and fixing appointments with companies. this job profile didn’t need any past experiences or any skills.

9.Affiliate marketingBecome an affiliate marketer

You can work with amazon by joining amazon associates and promote their products on social media if someone buys through your affiliate links you will get a commission on a percentage basis. you can promote simple household products like gadgets, tables, and decorating items.

10.Transcriptionist jobstranscriptionist

The work of transcriptionists is to create a written document by listening to audio signals. you must have a great typing speed minimum of 70 words per minute and proper knowledge of wordings and language so that he can easily type the content. you can find this job on LinkedIn,fiverr and Upwork.


the role of a proofreader is to crosscheck the content before publishing or printing it and mark all the errors and inaccuracies and then send it to the content editor for correction. for this job, you need a good knowledge of grammar. you can get a proofreader job on Fiverr Upwork and LinkedIn.


typing jobs you have to convert into written digital content by taking reference to paper format. you need a great typing speed with proper concentration to avoid silly errors. you can find several typing jobs on the websites like freelancers, Fiverr, and Upwork.

13.website moderator website moderator

a website moderator checks the overall progress, content quality, and search engine optimization of the website. they find out the mistakes that decrease the search ranking of the websites and provide suggestions to the website development team to improve the progress. they have good knowledge of content and search engine optimization. if you are an experienced website moderator then you can apply for this job.

some frequently asked questions on work from home jobs in Florida

Where can you work from home in Florida?

the best work from jobs in Florida are

  • freelancing
  • digital marketing
  • website development
  • video development
  • application development
  • digital painter
  • typing
  • transcription
  • data entry
  • customer tech support

What jobs are in high demand in Florida?

sales associate, civil engineer, software engineer, real estate agent, customer tech support, and manager are the most demanded jobs  in Florida.

Is it easy to get a job in Florida?

if you have proper skills and experience then it is easy to get job but if you are a newbie then online jobs are best for you. try to earn new things and implement them on your online jobs you can generate a huge amount of money.

How much money do I need to live comfortably in Florida?

it depends upon the number of members living with you if you are single member then around 30000$ annually is enough to live comfortably in Florida or if you have children then it increases to somewhere 50000$to80000$.

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