Top 9 work from home jobs Houston The Bayou City

Searching for work from home jobs Houston and confused about online jobs then you are landed on the right place in this article I have listed the top 9 online work for home jobs Houston from which you can take an idea about the job profile and their requirements so that you do not need to search again and again. you can select the best job profile according to your expertise and needs. doing part time jobs increases your overall monthly income and makes you financially independent.

 9 work from home jobs Houston visualisation analyst

data visualisation analyst

Making complex and large amounts of data more understandable and accessible. improving and enhancing the data based on business requirements. they have to present the data in the form of graphs charts and infographics to make it more attractive and easy to understand. they have great analytical and mathematical skills and good knowledge of databases management systems and other graphic designing tools.



This is a professional job profile that requires a degree in dietetics and good knowledge of diet, exercise, calorie intake, minerals vitamins, and fiber composition of foods. their main work is to develop a diet chart for health conscious persons and provide health advice. they have to create fix diet schedule calorie intake for the person who is going to gain weight or loss. they also tie up with gym owners for regular customers.

3.Office manager

Office manager

They have to organize meetings and conferences. booking transport and managing accommodations. solving queries and complaints of clients. Preparing email notices and presentations. monitoring all the office works and track the progress. proving task to juniors .ensures privacy and safety of the data. they have to regularly attend meetings and seminars for learning recent trends.

4.Picture researcher

SEO analyst

They have to explore the appropriate pictures for commercial and non-commercial use of the company. they have to negotiate and contract between picture owners for licensing and fair use. ensure proper credit and source while using to avoid copyright claims. conducting meetings with photographers and digital painters and explain your needs. Skilled with phot developing and editing software to give a final touch to photos and images.keeping up to date with copyright policies and deals.

5.SEO analyst

SEO analyst

They have to perform high quality keyword research for content creation and campaigns. monitoring overall search engine optimization of the website and track its search ranking. analyzing social media pages to attract viewers. performing competitor analysis to beat their competitors. up to date with new google policies of search engine optimization building high quality links to increase the authority of the website and its ranking.

6.warehouse manager

warehouse manager

Their role is processing orders liaising with suppliers and companies. tracking the proper delivery of goods and their installation within the given deadline if needed. guiding delivery agents for the correct delivery of goods. managing financial records. ensures the product is high quality and without any fault. work for complete customer satisfaction. managing budgets and solving complaints or issues of clients regarding the delivery of goods.

7.Travel manager

Travel manager

Their main role is promoting marketing and travel business. they have to deal with visa passports and other necessary traveling documents. ensuring all the traveling procedures and accommodation like booking hotels. they have to ensure complete customer satisfaction so that customers hire them again. regularly attend meetings and seminars to up to date with current traveling and booking prices. provide complete guidance to clients about prices and offers. educators

online educators

They have to teach and solve the doubts of students on any particular subjects like algebra, chemistry,ocket science and economics. they have good communication skills and complete knowledge of their subjects. brainfuse and tutors are some of the online teaching platforms where you can apply for teaching jobs. for each online session, you can up to 50 dollars. after gaining some experience you can get up to 100 dollars per session.

9.Data entry

data entry 

Data entry specialists have to manage and create a database of the complete data by organizing all the small pieces of information.they have complete knowledge of spreadsheets and database management a most demanding job at the present time because managing information is the most important step for the company. freelancers Upwork and LinkedIn are some platforms where you can get tons of data entry jobs.

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