Top 9 work from home jobs Dallas texas

searching for part time jobs to generate some extra money by staying at home. well, in this article I will provide you details of the top 9 work from home jobs Dallas texas. you can get some idea by reading this article and able to select the appropriate jobs and work part time without affecting your main work.

Top 9 work from home jobs dallas texas experience telesales agent

final experience telesales agent

Their role is to accelerate sales growth by analyzing the market trends and making working strategies by using their excellent business knowledge.self motivated and good leadership ability consistently provides training sessions and conferences to develop new candidates from the company. work with the sales team when needed.

2.image proofer

image proofer

They have to maintain the online registering of images with accurate, appropriate and attractive descriptions. they have to ensure that the description perfectly matches with the images. main work is checking the errors and correcting them after that upload on the website. also, work with the photography and graphic designing department. they are proficient in spreadsheets and google doc and also have good writing skills. should take care of the company’s policies.



They have to verify the errors and inaccuracies in the document and by marking it they have to send it to editing and correction. they are much experienced in grammar and English language and also excellent writing skills. a proofreader must have a good multitasking ability as they get dozens of documents for verifying and correction. developer

website developer

A website developer has to create good looking and attractive woocommerce and commercial websites for the clients they have good programming knowledge and also they are proficient in themes and plugins. they have to analyze the market trends and develop the website according to this.They must have also available for solving the errors and issues in the website when needed.

5.real estate analyst

real estate analyst

A real estate analyst has to provide the best possible suggestions to property buyers and sellers by properly researching and analyzing the market trends. they have good communication and negotiation skills. they have to build and maintain a positive relationship with new and existing clients by proving continuous support via phone calls and emails. properly attend the conferences and meetings to increase knowledge and awareness of up to date policies. consultant

insurance consultant

Their main role is to provide detailed knowledge about the available insurances according to the client’s needs. so that clients should not face financial losses due to taxes, loans, and health problems. they have insurance license and great knowledge of all the insurance policies and their terms and condition.



Counselors have to provide complete guidance about the study, relationships, and stress management. at present time due to high competition in exams students are more depressed and less focused on studies. that why parents hire a perfect counselor for improvement in their child. counselors have bachelor’s degrees in phycology and friendly nature so that students can easily be engaged with them.

8.content writer

content writer 

A website content writer has to write a high quality article using proper SEO techniques. they have good writing ability and good knowledge of English language which makes easies to write content with full of accuracies. sometimes they also have to work with graphic and infographic designing teams and discuss the structure of content. teaching

Online tutoring jobs

online mentoring and teaching jobs are the best part time online work from home jobs you can is high paying and does not require so much time. you need complete knowledge of any particular subjects(mathematics, economics, rocket science, physics,chemistry, etc) and bachelsr of masters degree on that subject.magicsears,brainfuse, tutor and cambly are some platforms where you should try.

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