Top 9 work from home jobs Atlanta the gate city

searching for part time work from home jobs Atlanta and want to earn some extra money while continuing your main work then you are in right place. from the bunch of jobs, I have selected and compiled the top 9 work from home jobs Atlanta. after reading this article you will get some information about the listed job description so that you can select the appropriate jobs according to your flexibility and skills.

Top 9 work from home jobs Atlanta

1.Financial advisor

Financial advisor

Their role is to build a relationship with clients and financially protect their families in the event of death, illness, and aging. they have to guide and suggest the best suitable insurance policies and funding methods avoid financial losses due to heavy taxes or other health related factors. they have a health and life license and complete knowledge of insurances and the finance sector.

2.Entrepreneurship and small business instructor

Entrepreneurship and small business instructor

They have to instruct scholars about business principles and business planning. they have in depth knowledge of business statistics, investment, and business planning. they have to take multiple training sessions and seminars. they have great knowledge of computer application and software and also excellent writing ability. teach with the help of presentation for better learning and 

3.Social media manager

Social media manager

The role of the social media manager is to manage the social media account of busy people. they are responsible for work like replying to comments, solving queries, fixing appointments, and writing collaborative emails. they also have to delete unwanted comments from the profiles to maintain the decorum and policy of the company.

4.Literary agent

Literary agent

They have to develop author accounts by maintaining bonds with previous or existing customers, responding to queries, and recommending sales promotions and campaigns. they have to qualify the authors by checking qualifying requirements and interest of book publishing. provide sales management report at the end of the month. studying characteristics and capabilities of the authors.


sell your photograph

Professional photographers are known for clicking the best photos and for personal or commercial usage. they have generally uploaded their pictures on the stock photos website and make money from them they pay for each download more the popular you are more will be the earning.

6.Website auditor

Website auditor 

They are SEO professional who was responsible for analyzing the content and search engine optimization quality of the website. after properly analyzing the website, they provide the best optimization techniques and solutions to the requiring some experience and great knowledge of search engines and their ranking.

7.Insurance broker

Insurance broker

Insurance brokers have to fix the appointments and meetings and convince the clients to buy the appropriate insurance according to their needs. they have to complete all the documents and paperwork regarding insurance policies. in return they get commissions from the insurance companies. they have good knowledge of insurance terms and policies and also lofe insurance license.

8.Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing 

Affiliate marketing is one of the most popular jobs in the entire online industry. there is no limit to earning in this field. they have to generate sales for the companies through their affiliate links and on sale, they will get a commission from the website. the best platform for affiliate marketing is amazon associates due to its trust in the millions of customers worldwide and a wide variety of products.

9.Tech support

Tech support

Tech supports have to troubleshoot customer’s queries and problems and provide complete guidance to them. they have excellent communication skills with good knowledge of technology and computers. contact customers via emails and live chat support also capable to work with technical teams when necessary.

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