17 easy ways for kids to make money without having any skills

In this online era, it is wrong to say that kids cant earn money.it is definitely possible there is no age barrier to earn money online.in this article, I will tell you about 10 ways for kids to make money whether you are of any age there is no a restriction to do this works. As you grow up, your expenses will increase drastically which is a little bit difficult to manage expenses if your parents were not earning well. so start earning at an early age will help you to achieve your goal fastly without any financial barrier.


17 legit ways for kids to make money and become financially independent

1.content writingcontent writing


Learn how to write a fully optimized SEO friendly article and find some website content creator. they are always in search of a content writer who has the skill to write high-quality content for their blog and websites. you can approach them by visiting their website’s contact page.

2.completing online surveysGet paid to take surveys


This is a fun and interesting way to make money some surveys also contain playing games, watching videos, and reading emails. You can complete multiple surveys within an hour only using a smartphone and you will be able to generate some of the money. surveyjunkie and inboxdollars are some of high paying and legit websites for completing online surveys.

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You can develop your skill in a particular field like graphic designing, logo designing, infographic designing, etc. and you can become a freelancer. content creator approaches you and assigns you a particular task you have to complete this and in return, you can them as per the task given by them.

4.Affiliate marketingBecome an affiliate marketer


You can promote Amazon products like books, toys, and gadgets on your social media profile if someone buys through your referral links you will get a commission.it is the best and easy way to start earning as no essential skill required to do this.

5.sell your photographsell your photograph


If photography is one of your hobbies then you can make money from these. you just have to click beautiful photos and sell them on some online platforms. you can make a decent amount of money from these. as you become a professional photographer you can make your career in this field.

6.Start a youtube channelBy starting a youtube channel

You can create your own youtube channel on a particular topic as per your interest and create exciting videos for your viewers. initially, it takes some time to grow your youtube channel but when you get some subscribers you can earn by displaying ads and sponsorships.

7.Design and sale creative productsart and craft designing


With the help of your creativity, you can create beautifully designed products like t-shirt, mugs, cups, and wall posters. Gumroad, CafePress, Zazzle, and printful are some of the sites where you can sell your products and earn a decent amount of money.

8.Home decoratorHome decorator


If you are interested in arranging homes then you can work as a room decorator. you can fix a meeting with housewives and suggest them ideas on how they decorate their home beautifully.

9.App developmentApp development


Find the companies that want to create a mobile application for their company. You can develop a mobile application for your client and you can charge them. also, you can create your own application and promote it on social media and earn money by putting advertisements on it.


You can mentor your juniors by providing them right guidance and knowledge of how to learn a particular subject and how to attempt exams. students were distracted these days so parents are also in search of someone who perfectly guides their kids.


in this job profile, you have to find and check inaccuracies present in the content and sent it to the content editor with proper marking and corrections. while doing this work you have to maintain full concentration and focus on each written word so that you can properly find the errors in the content. you can get these jobs in Upwork and Fiverr.

12.content researchcontent research

the role of the content researcher is to researching complete and detailed information on the particular topics.it decreases the workload of the content creators and become easy for them to develop the content.

13.website testingwebsite testing

website testing can be a great way of earning some money because it doesn’t require any skills simply you have to register in usertesting website and star testing websites for you each complete test they pay you some money.

14.create content imagescreate images for blogs and websites

images are the soul of the articles. that’s why website owners hire images developer who can create non copyright , unique and attractive images for their blog posts.it is not a very difficult job everyone can do this easily.


if you have excellent typing skills then you can become a typist who can type the content for the company. you have to take care of errors and inaccuracies while typing the content. you can easily find these jobs on freelancing sites like Fiverr, Upwork, and linkdin.


the role of the transcriptionist is to create written version content of the audio lessons and meeting recordings.is you have good listening ability and you can write with full concentration then you should definitely try this job.gotranscript and transcribeme are some websites where you can easily get these type of jobs

17.data entrydata entry

this job includes work of sorting the data and update the unorganized data in databases software like spreadsheet without any errors and create the databases records. you can find this job in Fiverr and Upwork.

some frequently asked questions 

How could a 12 year old make money?

A 12 year old can make money by completing surveys in inboxdollars and by doing work like typing, captcha filling, etc.

How can I make $100 fast?

You can make 100$ easily by completing surveys, doing affiliate marketing, and doing graphic designing.


Earning money at an early age makes a person independent and teaches the importance of money. by doing hard work they learn the art of money-making which is most important for a better future.