7 high paying online tutoring jobs for college students

If you are in college and want to utilize your time in doing part-time jobs then online tutoring jobs are the best option for you. You can show share your knowledge with learners without interrupting your studies and without disturbing your schedules. online learning is growing exponentially because it saves time for students.  in this article of online tutoring jobs for college students, I will tell you about the top 8 high-paying online tutoring job platforms where you can start teaching and make some extra money while learning in college.


7 easy and Best online tutoring jobs  for college students

There are several online learning platforms that exist on the internet but we pick some best and easy platforms for you where you can start your online teaching journey.

1.Magic ears

magic ears

It is a very famous online English learning platform. They mainly teach children of ages between 4-12 years to become a teacher in this you must have at least a bachelor’s degree in any subject and good communication skills. you have to engage students by playing games, singing poems, and repetition of words so that learning becomes easy.


online tutoring jobs for college students

They provide on-demand tutoring and assignment help in different types of subjects. they also provide one-to-one learning to students who need it. they have a library with a great collection of tests, assignments, and learning materials. they provide proper training to their educators, and to become their tutors you need a bachelor’s degree.


online tutoring jobs for college students

It is one of the most popular online learning platforms. that’s why they always required the best and skilled tutors for their students. This study platform offers subjects like science, social studies, humanities, and several language subjects. if you feel you can teach any particular subjects you can apply at their online tutoring portals.


online tutoring jobs for college students

They teach linear algebra, rocket science, chemical engineering, economics, and several other subjects.it also offers one-to-one learning 24/7. You have to decide the price according to the question and start teaching and after completion of tutoring, you will receive money from which you have to share a percentage to studypool platform. if you have the great problem-solving ability you should definitely try this platform.


online tutoring jobs for college students

This is one of the largest online English learning platforms which is very famous worldwide. If you are a native English speaker with great teaching ability then this platform is for you. they don’t require any past experiences and mastery in any particular subject to become a tutor in cambly. you can earn according to the duration of the session you have taken to teach the students



online tutoring jobs for college students

This platform mainly focuses on developments of the creative and logical ability of students it has one of the biggest markets in the teaching industry. the tutors have to decide for how much duration they want to teach. they do not impose any duration criteria to teaches making educators stress-free.


online tutoring jobs for college students

You have to tutor middle, high school, and college students by choosing any particular favorite subject. they pay their educators weekly and also offer bonuses. they are always in search of highly skilled educators who have a perfect grip on any particular subject. check their online hiring portal to apply for the job of an online tutor.

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Can an online tutoring job be a good career opportunity?

Definitely yes, if you gain experiences in this field you can make this work as a full-time career 

some frequently asked questions on online tutoring jobs for college students

What is the best online tutoring company to work for?

the best online tutoring company to work are

  • brainfuse
  • magicears
  • cambly
  • chegg
  • vipkid
  • studypool
  • tutor

What is a good hourly rate for online tutoring?

25$ to 45$ per hour is a good hourly rate for online tutoring jobs.it also depends upon how old are you in this industry if you are at the initial stage then 25$ per hour is a good price but as you gain experience and become old in this field then 40 to 50$ per hour is a good price for you.

How much does an online tutor make?

it depends upon number of classes you have take and how much experience do you have in these online tutoring fields. on an average, you can easily make 30$ per hour.

How many days a week should you tutor?

initially, you have to teach a minimum of 3 days a week but as you gain experience and ability to teach fast then this will become 2 days  a week

How long is a tutoring session?

it depends upon which type of subject ad students you are dealing with. on an average of 30 to 45 minutes per session.

Can you make a living as an online tutor?

yes definitely if you become a successful and demanding educator you can make this career a full time job. but initial you should start online tutoring as part time work and continue your studies.

Is online tutoring worth it?

it depends upon how much passionate about online teaching and how much knowledge you able to share. if teaching is your passion then definitely online tutoring is worth it. but if you do not interested in online teaching then this field can start giving you irritation which reduces your concentration and ability to teach.

Choose according to your interest 

These are some online tutoring job platforms but you have to choose according to your interest and according to the knowledge of any particular subjects. if teaching is one of your hobbies and wants to share your knowledge and experience then definitely go for online tutoring jobs.it will also increase your skills and develop your personality.

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