17 Easy and high paying online jobs for high school students in 2021

Getting online jobs for high school students is not difficult at present time. as a student, you already know how to manage time so in place of wasting your time on online video games and watching movie series, you can do online jobs to earn some extra money which will help you to manage your expenses. there are several online jobs that have not imposed any age restriction.

17 best online jobs for high school students

In this list, I have picked some high-paying and legit jobs you can do just with a smartphone or a computer you didn’t need any past experiences for that.


There are plenty of companies and content creators who need someone who can properly typ the data prided by them with the full of accuracy. you can easily do this task with a little bit of practice. you can directly approach content creators in social media and apply for this job.


In this job profile, you have to write the written content by listing audio of video lessons. to perform this task you must have great knowledge of words and excellent typing skills. Education industries always need a great transcriptionist to make written notes by watching online their audio and video lectures.

3.Online Goodwill AssociateOnline Goodwill Associate

The online goodwill associate responsible for the shipment process of goods. they have to check listed products online by scanning and prepares them for shipment so that courier partners pick up the goods and deliver them. you must have complete knowledge of companies policies to perform this job.

4.Customer sales/servicesCustomer sales/services

This job profile does not require any past experiences or any special degree. you will get proper training after applying for this work. their work depends on company to company. For example, if you are a customer sales member of Gogreen company then your work is to suggest to business owners how can they make their home or offices eco friendly by suggesting your companies product on each sale you will get commission on a percentage basis.

5.Music teacherMusic teacher

If you are a music lover and skilled in playing any particular instruments like guitar, piano, flute, etc.then this work perfectly suites to you. update your profile on social media and start teaching music to the small student. you can charge them on monthly basis.

6.Data entryData entry

Learn how to organize data by using spreadsheet and database management systems and then apply for data entry jobs. you have to create an organized data by analyzing Disorganized data provided by the company. as your skill increases, you can charge heavily for this work.

7.Accept programming projectsAccept programming projects

If you are a programmer with good knowledge of programming languages like Html, CSS, java, python, etc. then you can accept programming projects from school or college students and make their projects. you can charge them per project according to its length and work.


You can learn photoshop and firstly, make a profile on several freelancing platforms like fiver and Upwork to attract your clients and start designing attractive and beautiful logos for their company in return you can charge them heavily.

9.Video editingVideo editing

Firstly Learn how to edit videos on several video editing platforms like adobe premiere pro and final cut pro and approach video creator on social media. they always need a skilled video editor who perfectly edits their videos.

10.Create a blogCreate a blog

You can develop your own website and share knowledge with others. Definitely, it takes time to grow and proper knowledge of online marketing, search engine optimization but once you get visitors you can make money by displaying Google ads, accepting sponsorship, and writing guest posts. you can create a big brand if you do it with proper dedication.

11.digital paintingdigital painting

you can become a digital painter you have to create beautiful artworks for the company. they always need some high-quality attractive pictures for the company’s presentation so that they can easily tackle the business meeting. you can find this job in freelancer and LinkedIn.

12.website testing

websites like usertesting provide website testing works. you can easily do this work, you have to test the website and give your feedback about that in return they pay you for your every opinion.

13.read articlesread articles

this job doesn’t require any skills you just have to read the articles and give your opinion about the whole article. freelancer and indeed are some websites where you can find this type of works.


proofreader has to check the inaccuracies and errors present in the content and unlining it then this is sent to the editor for corrections. errors in the content can create a negative impact on the website.

15.create images for blogs and websitescreate images for blogs and websites

website owners have to manage the overall development of the website they have to manage its content, analytics and marketing so they didn’t get time to create images for the content. that’s why they hire an image designer who can make attractive and non copyright images for the websites. if you have the skill to design images then you can do this job. you can directly contact website owners on social media for these jobs.

16.infographic designerinfographic designer

the role of an infographic designer is to create the flowchart for summarising the whole content in one image.it is quite obvious that readers need a quick summary of the information they are reading. so content creators hire an infographic designer who can create attractive infographics for the article.

17.content researchercontent researcher

the content researcher has to research the detailed and complete information about any particular topic.so that it becomes easy for youtubers and bloggers to create content on the topic. it is impossible to manage the whole thing alone when your business is growing.you can find these jobs on LinkedIn and Upwork easily.

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Becoming financially independent at an early age will reduce the monetary pressure on your parents. Hard work always pays off be consistent with your work and you definitely succeed.

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