How to make money online for beginners in 2021 | Top 20 easy ways

Want to make money online? yes, it is definitely possible. making extra money by working online can solve your financial problems. in this article, I would suggest you 10 proven and easy way to make money online for beginners

There are several ways to earn money online but these 10 is the easiest way which does not require a lot of skills and easy to start your online journey. you just need a laptop and a good mindset.

The top 10 works to make money online for beginners are


1.Become a private online teacher4


If you are well qualified and love to teach students then it is the best way to earn money online as well as follow your passion. there are lots of websites where you can apply for online teaching and teach students. As per your interest and qualification you can choose a particular subject to teach.

2.Make logos and graphic designsMake logos and graphic designs


If you are passionate about graphic designs then this can make money for you. You just have to make profiles about you on different websites like LinkedIn, Fiverr, etc. interested peoples surely contact you for making logos and graphic designs for their websites. you can them according to your work.

3.Become a freelancerBecome a freelancer


If you are an expert in any particular field like content writing, video editing, craft making, and graphics designing then you can work as a freelancer. there are different platforms where you can work as a freelancer like Upwork and Fiverr Where you can attract your clients and work for them. there are several freelancers who are making thousands of dollars by freelancing.

4.Create an ebookCreate an ebook


If You want to share knowledge then creating and selling ebooks could be the best Work for you. you can make your own personal websites as well as you can use several online ebook publishing websites like amazon kindle to publish and sell the ebook. There are millions of learners worldwide who are interested to buy and read ebooks. 

5.Create a personal blog or websitesCreate a personal blog or websites

Websites are the main part of our life. there are millions of websites worldwide you cant imagine how much audience it is captured. You can also create your own personal websites and publish your content which can solve the problems of visitors. there are several platforms to create your websites some of them are blogger, WordPress, and Wix. You can earn by showing ads on your website and also you can accept sponsored posts and guest posts and charge accordingly.

6.Become an affiliate marketerBecome an affiliate marketer

Affiliate marketing is just promoting products of other companies With the help of your blog post, Instagram post, Facebook post, and other different platforms you can promote a different product in return you get a commission as per your sales. there are several websites that offer their affiliate programs some of them are amazon associated, ClickBank, and Shopify.

7.Create mobile appsCreate mobile apps


If you have some great ideas then you can develop your mobile apps by hiring a freelancer in Fiverr and after publishing this app you can earn by displaying ads on your apps. also you can add some pro features especially for pro members who buy your subscription.

8.Completing the surveyCompleting the survey


You can earn some money by completing surveys. this survey contains some set of questions and tasks. By consistently completing surveys you can earn some points which later convert into a Gift card. some of the legit survey websites for USA audiences are Survey junkie,inboxdollars, and survey voices.

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9.Get cashback and gift cards by shopping onlineGet cashback and gift cards by shopping online


If you love shopping, then this could give you some sort of money. while purchasing something find promo codes and coupons which can save money. Shopping at some special events like Black Friday and Christmas could give you heavy discounts and cash backs.

10.Create and sell courses

How to make money online for beginners

If you have mastered any special subjects you can create a course and sell them online. you can use your own websites and apps to sell these courses as well as you can use other platforms like udemy to publish your course. interested learners surely purchase your course. you can charge accordingly the value you have provided in the course.  These are some easy and trusted ways to make money online. and app testingwebsite and app testing

this can be one of the easiest jobs because no special skills required to do this work. You have to simply test the websites and apps and give your opinion about it in return the company will pay you. some of the top and legit websites which give money for website and application testing are user testing and Upwork.


12.content researchcontent research

content researchers have to research any particular topic provided by the content creator or the companies where you are working. you have to give them detailed accurate and full information so that they can create videos or publish an article on the basis of that. you can find these jobs on several freelancing websites or you can approach some creators directly on social media.

13.Data entryData entry

in data entry work you have to manage the unorganized data provided by the company and create new fully organized detailed and accurate data using spreadsheet and database management systems for the company. data entry work can be a nice method of earning a decent amount of money hourly. several companies are searching for a good data entry specialist in Fiverr and LinkedIn. educatingonline educating

if you are a native English speaker then you can easily teach the English language and communication on several online English learning platforms like cambly. they hire their educators without any prior experience. you must have good communication skills that it you are sorted. creatorsvideo creator

you can join youtube and create some amazing videos for your viewers. if you get some regular viewers and subscribers you can start earning by monetizing your content by google ads and accepting sponsorships by various brands.

16.presentation makingpresentation making

you can create a beautiful and attractive presentation for some companies in return you can charge them per presentation.a freelance presentation maker on average charges 200$-500$ according to length and quality of can directly approach some organizations and companies for this work.


you can do proofreading jobs for some this job, you have to cross chek the written content and find the inaccuracies and send it to the writer again for correction.

18.typing jobstyping jobs

the role of the typer is to convert the paper content format into the digital content format. if you have excellent typing skis and speed then you should try this job. companies regularly need a type for their content. you can easily find these jobs on Upwork, LinkedIn, and Fiverr.


a bookkeeper has to maintain the whole credit and debit records by creating the ledgers. basically, they create records of all the necessary business transactions so that it is easy to calculate the expenses and profits of the company.

20.domain flippingdomain flipping

you can buy the commonly used domain names and sell them at a higher rate to the company this is called domain can use GoDaddy auctions and Namecheap to sell domains.


There are many ways to earn money online. as your skills improve you can elect to work on several other platforms. always choose the right platform as per your interest and make sure to provide the best value to your clients and only work on legit platforms.

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