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If you are a college student and want to earn money online part-time without Leaving your studies. Then you are in the right article. here I will Provide you 10 best and easy online jobs you can do while continuing your college studies. these works do not require any extraordinary skills and any college degree.

easy jobs online for college students

Get paid to take surveysGet paid to take surveys


There are several websites that give money for completing their surveys. you just need to answer some questions of their surveys and sometimes to complete a task provides by them. these tasks are very simple and not requires any skill. consistently completing surveys will increase your revenue. some of the popular survey websites for US visitors  are


2.survey junkie

3.survey voices

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Video editingVideo editing


If you are a student of computer science and design or you have perfect knowledge of video editing then you can apply for a post of video editor. There are several content creators who need a skilled video editor for their videos. you just need to approach them. you can also create your profile on LinkedIn, Upwork, and Fiverr to get work.

Online teaching and mentoring  jobsOnline teaching and mentoring  jobs


If you are interested in teaching then You can start teaching and mentoring students online. There are several platforms where you can apply for educators some of the popular websites are magicears ,peeply and cambly. also, you can create your own learning platform.

Data entry jobsData entry jobs


Premium quality content is the backbone of companies. All the popular firms need someone who perfectly arranges their unorganized data into an organized format like in the form of spreadsheets. that’s why they are always in search of a data entry specialist. you can create your profile on LinkedIn and Upwork to get the attention of that companies. initially, you can charge around 10-15 dollars per hour, as your skills improve you can charge multiple of these.

Social media managerSocial media manager


Every busy person needs social media they don’t have enough time to use and maintain their social media accounts. They need a social media manager who can handle their social accounts such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and webpages. A social media manager does tasks like composing and replying to emails, fixing appointments, answering comments of clients, etc. But this job profile requires perfect knowledge of social media and strong Communication skills.

Web designerWeb designer


You can create your own personal websites on a particular topic in which you are specialized and regularly post an article. there are millions of readers present on the internet who want to gain knowledge by reading a blog post or an article. you can place ads on your websites where you can make a decent amount of money. also, you can do affiliate marketing by promoting other products on your website which will give you commission in return.



If you are skilled at any specific work like logo designing, graphic designing, content creating, etc .then freelancing is the best option for you. there are several freelancing websites like Fiverr and Upwork where you can create your profile along with your expertise. needy people contact you and provide works. you can charge accordingly. as your experiences increases, you can increase them.  

Selling your ebooks and online courses

How to make money online for beginners

You can develop your own ebook and course and publish them on several learning sites like Coursera,udemy, and skillshare. you can also publish your ebook and course on your own platform i.e mobile applications and websites).ineresed learners surely going to buy these learning materials.

Search engine optimization(SEO) analystSearch engine optimization(SEO) analyst


To display a website on search result page search engine optimization Is extremely important. the big growing firms need a highly skilled SEO expert to improve their website’s ranking and popularity. you can learn google’s algorithm for search engine optimization and apply for this post by approaching the needy companies. make sure you have good knowledge of search engines and their optimization before applying for this job.


the role of a transcriptionist is to write the written content by listening to audio or video content. A person having good knowledge of grammar and good listening ability should definitely try for this jobs.transcribeme and transcribe are some legit websites where you can get this job.

typing typing jobs

typing jobs can be easily done if you are an excellent typer and you have great typing speed. companies are always in search of a person who can convert the paper format contents into a virtual format without any inaccuracies and errors.


if you are from an accounting background or you have any past experience in accounting then you can look for this job. you have to create the records of all the important transactions of the companies by creating a proper ledger account.

captcha entry works captcha entry works 

there are plenty of websites where you can work as captcha entry workers you can earn some dollars by identifying and solving captcha or by typing captcha numbers.

presentation creationpresentation creation

as a college student, you are pretty much aware of presentation making during your assignment submission. you can use this ski to generate some amount of money. there are dozens of companies that need a presentation developer to developed attractive presentations for business deals. you can work part time for them and develop some beautiful presentations and charge them accordingly.

content moderatorcontent moderator

the role of the content moderator is to manage social media profiles and pages according to the company’s policies. you have to filter unwanted comments and sensitive information on the different social media platforms 

content writercontent writer

if you have a perfect grip on the English language then you can work as a content writer for a company’s website. you have to write a search engine friendly articles without any inaccuracies for your clients and in return, you can charge them according to the quality and length of the content. you can get these jobs on Fiverr and LinkedIn. 

artwork artwork 

if you are interested in art and craft making then you can create some beautiful designs and by publishing sell on websites like CafePress and printful. they pay for each of your beautiful designs.

online tutoring jobsonline tutoring jobs

you can do online teaching to high school classes, as a college student I am sure that you have mastered any one specific you can apply as an online tutor in several online learning platforms like magicears cambly brainfuse, etc. education industry is one of the highest paying sectors which are growing drastically.


you can work part time proofreader you have to find the errors and inaccuracies on the documents and articles and sent them to editor for the correction you can easily find these jobs on Fiverr Upwork and freelancer  

some frequently asked questions on jobs online for college students

How can college students work online?

College students can do online jobs like blogging, freelancing, graphic designing, content writing, etc. to earn some money.

How can college students make money online?

There are tons of ways to make money online like website designing, application designing, freelancing, video creation, content writing, etc.

What are the best online jobs for students?

The best online jobs for college students are content writing, freelancing, graphic designing, video editing, and online tutoring.

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