17 Immediate hire work from home jobs you can do in 2021

Due to increasing inflation, it is very difficult to fully fill the basic needs of our family. Even creating multiple sources of income is important these days, doing online work from home jobs can be able to generate some extra money to keep up the bills. There are plenty of opportunities present on the internet which can be done part-time along with your main work, in this article I will provide you some of the easy and immediate hire work from home jobs. so that you can start earning by day one of joining.if you already have a job or you are a college student you can easily do these jobs

17 best immediate hire work from home jobs

1.SurveyjunkieGet paid to take surveys

This is the highest paying survey provider platform where you can earn by sharing your opinion and completing tasks provided by them, select high-paying tasks and get started answering questions, and giving feedback on websites and apps they are providing. This can be a great start to earn money online easily from day one.


This website gives money for reading emails, playing games, and watching videos.it is one of the widely used platforms. you will get 5$ immediately after signing up and then they show you available tasks along with how much money they are giving to complete the task.

3.Freelance data entryFreelance data entry

Data entry is one of the most demanding jobs from jobs that exist today. If you love to create spreadsheets and databases then this job is for you. there are several platforms that provide data entry jobs some of them are Fiverr Upwork and LinkedIn,

4.Content writerContent writer

If you love writing then content writing is one the best work you can choose, you can find several content creators who are always searching for a skilled content writer who can write content for their websites. You can easily find these jobs on LinkedIn Fiverr and Upwork.

5.Affiliate marketingAffiliate marketing

It is the best method to start earning on day one. You can join Amazon associates and other affiliate programs and promote their products on your website or social media on each purchase through your affiliate link you will get a commission. There are also some websites present that offer high conversion products you can earn up to $200 per purchase.

6.Selling images on stock image websiteSelling images on stock image website

If You love photography then you can earn money by selling your images on several stock image sites like pixabay and unsplash. they pay you for each download of your images.  


7.English tutoring jobsEnglish teaching jobs

If you are a native English speaker then you can join cambly, one of the largest English learning platforms, and become a tutor here. They pay very high salaries to you educators and you can join this without having any experience.

8.website and app testingwebsite and app testing

You can work as a website and application tester and share your opinions about it. On each opinion, they will pay you some money. some of the legit sites that provide testing are user-testing and Upwork.    

9.Logo designingLogo designing

If you love to create and edit the logo then this job perfectly suits you. you can create beautiful logos for the demanding companies and then you can charge them. you can get multiple logo designing jobs in Fiverr, Upwork, and linkdin.

10.Graphic designingGraphic designing

If you have a perfect grip on adobe after effects and adobe illustrator then you can work as a graphic designer and create beautiful designs. you must have to create your profile on several freelancing sites like Upwork Fiverr and LinkedIn.it is one of the highest paying part-time works you can do.


if you have a good typing speed of a minimum of 75 words per minute then you are eligible for this job. freelancing and job websites like LinkedIn,Fiverr, and Upwork have tons of typing jobs available, you can apply for them to immediately hire.

12.video content researchervideo content researcher

video creators have not enough time to research content because they have to do other stuffs like recording the content, managing channel, and editing video. that’s why they always need a content researcher who can find in-depth and complete information about the next topic in which the creator wants to make videos.it makes it easier for a creator to select the important points and record a video.


transcription jobs are all about creating written content by observing the prerecorded video conferences, meetings, and seminars. for applying for this job you need to have good typing speed and great concentration so that it is easier to write the content. you can find transcription jobs in gotranscript and transcribeme.com.

14.content image designercontent image designer

content images are the most important factors for high quality articles. that’s why content creators need a skilled image designer who can create attractive and noncopyrighted images for the blog post. you can work as an image designer for them. you can easily get this job in their ewe are hiring section. so apply from there and start working for them.

15.captcha fillingcaptcha filling

captcha filling is a very easy task from which you can earn some money. you just have to fill the correct captcha and for each task, you will get some money.captcha2cash and virtual bee are some of the top captcha filling websites which provide captcha filling works.

16.amazon jobsamazon jobs

if you are searching for professional jobs and you have some skills then amazon jobs are the right platform for you. they have various job Opportunities from content editors to senior software engineers they have all types of high paying professional jobs.so if you have sufficient degree and prior experience then you can apply for this jobs.

17.digital painterdigital painter

if you love to create beautiful designs and illustrations then you can work for some home interior designing companies. they always in search of a home interior arts designer who can create some beautiful artwork for floors and ceilings. they pay you very high for your every artwork. you can find digital artworks jobs on flexjobs, indeed, and LinkedIn. also you can directly approach some home designing companies to get this job.

some frequently asked questions on Immediate hire work from home jobs

What kind of work can I do from home?

You can do various work from jobs like freelancing, typing, content writing, graphic designing, tech support, etc.

How can I get hired quickly?

This depends upon your skills and past experience. if you have any good skills you can get quick freelancing jobs. or if you are professional then you can get some very high paying jobs in amazon 

What to do if you need a job ASAP?

You can focus on several online works like freelancing, online mentoring, content writing, and data entry jobs if you need a job as soon as possible.

What are the easiest places to get hired?

The easiest platforms to get hired are freelancers, Fiverr Upwork, and LinkedIn.and if you want professional jobs then amazon.jobs is the best place.

How can I get a job in one day?

You can easily get some online jobs on day one. some of the easy and high demanding jobs are survey jobs, typing jobs, transcription jobs, data entry jobs, and social media manager jobs.


these are some Immediate hire work from home jobs you can consider according to your skill and interest. These jobs can be done part time so that It will not affect your main work. as you gain experience in these fields you can able to generate a huge amount of money which can replace your primary work.

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