18 easy entry level work from home jobs in 2021 | beginners should try once

If you are wanting to start your online career then entry level work from home jobs are the best possible works you can do. In this article, we will show you all the possible entry level jobs that exist in every single job category. these jobs can be done online with just a smartphone and a laptop, and also they require very few experiences. these jobs don’t have any age limit everyone, who has willing to earn can do these jobs. in the starting entry level work from home, jobs pay not that much but as you gain experiences and improve your skill they can pay that much high you can never imagine. you should pick a particular job profile as per interest, which will help you grow fastly.

Easy and legit  entry level work from home jobs 

1.Content writerContent writer

This job profile requires very well knowledge of English writing. every single company needs someone who can write high-quality content containing all the necessary information. newbies can take an idea about how to write high-quality unique content from other published articles on the internet. as you gain more knowledge about search engine optimization friendly article writing you can apply on bigger companies. You can find tons of content writing jobs on Fiverr, Upwork, LinkedIn, and flexjobs.

2.Sales designer representativeSales designer representative

If you are very creative with good communication skills then this job profile is for you. In this job you have to guide people to design their homes online. several home designing companies need someone who promotes their products by helping people. You also get a commission if you perfectly convince people and sell their products.


3.content moderatorcontent moderator

This is one of the easiest job profile which newbies can do. in this job, you have to moderate social media pages and forums according to the company’s guidelines. You have to filter controversial comments, personal information of users in the viewer section. you can directly contact some growing social media pages to get the job.


This job profile requires a perfect grip on any particular language no matter which language is all has to require a translater who translates their content into some particular language. but some language combinations have higher rates like English/Spanish/german have higher rates as compared to others. this is one of the best jobs newbies can do. Make sure your accuracy and quality of translation are most important here.  



In this job profile, you have to convert audio records into written format.it is also great entry level work every newbie can do. Make sure you must have good listening skills and typing skills to serve the best high-quality, error-free written content.

6.Data entryData entry jobs

In this job profile, you have to organize the data provided by the company in the form of databases and spreadsheets. you must have a great understanding of the data provided by the company so that you can present well structured and detailed data. newbies should try this, as you get the experience you can charge heavily for your work. some data entry platforms are Upwork, Fiverr, and clickworker.


7.Insurance processorInsurance processor

An insurance processor guides people about claims and insurance policies after analyzing all the insurance offers so that they can apply according to their needs. You will get proper training from companies or sometimes it requires a bachelor’s degree.


In this job profile, you have to keep records of all the necessary transactions the companies have made. you have proper knowledge of record maintaining, computerized accounting, and ledger making. 


9.Technical support representativeTechnical support representative

This is job profile requires some technical knowledge depending upon the companies you are working with. you have to assist the customers in how to use the platform and also you have to solve all the technical glitches faced by customers. basically, you have to take care of smooth user experiences.



This job profile is for those who are interested in marking. in this job, you have to promote the company’s product on various social media marketing platforms and attract customers. you will get proper training from companies on different marketing strategies but sometimes they require a bachelor’s or master’s degree in marketing. more the experience more money you will get paid.

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11.art and craft designingart and craft designing

if you are passionate about craft designing then you should create your own unique and beautiful designs and sell them to some online craft product websites like printful and cafepress.

12.studio makingstudio making

you can work as a studio creator for several audio and video recording companies. you have to suggest the best material which enhances the studio quality. you have to take care of basic soundproofing and lightning to make a perfect studio.


you can work as a typer for the company and convert the paper format into digital format

14.sell your photographsell your photograph

if you are interested in photography then you can click and sell the amazing high quality beautiful photos on the stock images collection websites. they charge you as per the number of downloads of your images. some stock image websites are pixabay, Unsplash and Shutterstock.

15.home decoratorhome decorator

you can work as a home decorator by suggesting some great methods and things.you have to take meeting with some housewives and suggest these tips in return they will pay you.

16.website testingwebsite testing

The websites like usertesting and upwork gives you money for testing and reviewing their websites. this can be great work for beginners .this work didn’t require any skill or expertise.

17.app testingapp testing

app developers need someone who can test the functionality of their applications and in return, they pay them for testing per application. you just need to install the application and provide your opinions about this.it is also a very easy way to earn if you are free.


in this job, you have to find the errors and inaccuracies by crosschecking the articles or content which is going to publish and send them to the content editor for correction. this job profile doesn’t require any skills but you must have greater knowledge of grammers and spellings. you can find this job on flexjobs and indeed.

Some online job portals

Some of the popular legit websites where you can find entry level work from home jobs are





some frequently asked questions on entry level work from home jobs

What are the best entry level remote jobs?

Best entry level remot jobs are transcriptionist,customer support,social media manager and content writer.

What is a good entry level IT job?

Tech support ,programmer,computer network analyst are some Good entry level IT jobs.

What entry-level IT jobs pay the most?

Web development, software development, computer network analyst, and information privacy manager are some high paying IT jobs.



There are tons of entry level work from home jobs present on the internet and these are growing exponentially. companies are always in search of short terms employees who can do their works shortly. keep learning new skills so that you can become a master in this field.

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