Top 19 Best ways to make money without any investment

if you want to start your online work but you didn’t have money to do an initial investment then don’t worry in this article I will show you the top 20 best ways to make money without any investment.

19 Best ways to make money without any investment

1.Typing workstyping

You can do typing work for any content creator .this work can be done with the help of laptop .but you need to write with full accuracy .you can find typing jobs in some social medias, fiverr and upwork. editingVideo editing

The demand of video editors has increased these days as every single company needs to create a detailed video to attract their you can work as a video editor for them.


Animation makes the presentation interesting and attractive. so you can approach some company and become an animator and  animation can be done only with the help of pc and software. entryData entry jobs


This is one of the most popular and easiest ways to make money. if you have knowledge of database management systems and spreadsheets then you should do this job. you can find this job on several freelancing sites like Fiverr and Upwork.

5.logo making

logo designing

You can make a logo using adobe illustrator and photoshop and you don’t need to invest any single penny from your side. just approach YouTubers and website creators and make attractive logos for them in return you can charge them.


If you are interested in photography then you should try this to make money .you can sell your photos on several websites and earn money. engine optimization analystSearch engine optimization(SEO) analyst


You can work as an SEO analyst for a professional blog website .this is one of the most high-paying jobs that exist in online work .you have to manage all the website visitors and optimized the website so that it can rank on google .you can find these jobs in LinkedIn and Upwork.


If you are a professional in any particular field then you can work as a freelancer for multiple companies .you just need to create your profile on Fiverr and Upwork and describe your experiences and skills.


proofreading jobs don’t require any kind of investment you just need to check and find the errors and grammatical mistakes on the documents provided by the company. you need to an excellent grip of the English language to applying for this job. you can find proofreading jobs on freelancing sites like Fiverr, Upwork, and LinkedIn. testingwebsite testing

website testing is the easiest job beginners can do. you have to test the website and share your opinion and feedback about the website in return they pay you. more the website you will test more money you can make.usertesting,testingtime and enroll are some websites where you can get this work.


a transcriptionist has to maintain and create written notes of office meetings, video sessions, and audio content. they have good listening ability and excellent typing speed. you can get the job of transcriptionist in transcript and transcribe.

12.content writingcontent writer

website creators always in search of content writers. so that they can get good quality content for their websites. you can work as a content writer. you have to write 100 percent unique and SEO friendly articles for their websites in return you can charge them.

13.content researchercontent research

content research has to find in-depth information about particular topics so that content creators can create their content easily. it is difficult for the growing creators to research and create content at the same time. you can approach some creators direct on their contact us section and request for this job.

14.affiliate marketingaffiliate marketing

affiliate marketing is one of the most popular ways to make money without any investments. you just need to suggest the products of a particular company and for each sale, you will get a commission from the company. amazon associates are best for affiliate marketing.

15.creat a websitecreat a website

you can create your own website and start publishing your articles as you get some visitors you can monetize your website by google ads and also you can take sponsorships to earn money.


16.creat youtube videoscreat youtube videos

you can start a youtube channel and create videos for your viewers as you get some subscribers you can monetize your channel and able to earn a decent amount of money.

17.captcha filling workscaptcha filling

the websites like captcha2cash, virtual bee give money for filling captcha. this is one of the easiest work you can do to earn some money. within an hour you can complete dozens of tasks.

18.accept programming projectsaccept programming projects

if you have knowledge of any programming language and the ability to do coding then you can accept college programming projects of the students and you can charge them per project.

19. online teachingonline teaching

online teaching jobs are the highest paying jobs in the education industry. you can make thousands of dollars every week by doing online tutoring. you just need a bachelor’s degree at any field to do this job. cambly, magic ears are some top learning platform where you can apply for online tutoring jobs.

some frequently asked questions


How can I make $100 a day online without investment?

You can make $100 a day by doing affiliate marketing and freelancing in the beginning you have to gain knowledge and experience in this field and then you can easily make this.

What are the ways to make money without any investment?

There are tons of ways to make money without any investment but you have to select the work according to your interest some of the high paying online jobs are affiliate marketing, video creation, website development, and freelancing.


these are some online jobs that didn’t require a single penny to start working. you just need to passionate about doing hard the beginning, you can’t make thousands of dollars but as you gain experience and improves your skills this can be definitely be patient and start working according to your interest you can able to generate a huge amount of money online.


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