Top 10 best paying jobs in real estate investment trusts

The growth of Real estate rises exponentially in recent year years make it one of the most growing and developed industries. This industry offers various job opportunities which you didn’t hear about yet. If you are finding opportunities in a real estate investment trust, in this article, I will tell you about job choices available in real estate investment trusts so that you can able to choose your path according to your interest and comfort

some best paying jobs in real estate investment trusts

1.Real estate agentReal estate agent

In this job, profile agents help people to make decisions whether to buy or sell real estate properties. You have to work under companies as an agent. In the return, you will get a commission .how much you will make is depends upon companies, no of business deals and the type of deal.

2.Real estate analystReal estate analyst

If you have proper knowledge of finance and information technology sector or you have graduated in these fields. then this job profile is for you. the work of a real estate analyst is to provide financial analysis of a certain property. this is one of the highest paying jobs in the real estate industry.

3.Real estate brokerReal estate broker

The agents who have real estate broker licenses and can work independently are known as real estate brokers. Their main work is to negotiate between buyer and seller to provide both of them perfect deals.  They earn commission from their own deals and also the real estate agents who are working under them have to share the commission with the broker.

4.Real estate managerReal estate manager

In this job profile, you have to manage the sale and purchase of property, and also you have to maintain proper records of residential properties and their rent stuff. Some companies require a proper management degree to hire employees but in most of the companies, they hire just upon your knowledge and skills.

5.Real estate consultantReal estate consultant

They perform proper research and provides expert advice to clients who want to purchase a property. after analyzing market trends you have to suggest the best cost-effective property to your clients for this job profile, you must have good decision-making ability and proper knowledge of the finance and investment sectors. as you gain experience you can charge heavily for a single property to your clients. 

6.Real estate coordinatorReal estate coordinator

Their work is to review all real estate files for completeness and accuracy based upon requirements and to manage purchase contract deadlines and disclosure. this job profile requires high communication skills and the ability to handle multiple things simultaneously.

7.Real estate executive assistantReal estate executive assistant

The role of a real estate executive assistant is to handle the CEO’s busy schedule. basically, you have to do a task like checking emails, fixing an appointment. This job profile needs proper knowledge of technical stuff, good problem-solving ability, and have good communication skills.

8.Real estate asset managerReal estate asset manager

In This job profile, you have to take care of the overall finance of assets basically they have to manage economic assets by handling money and investment of clients. this job requires a high valued degree of management and economics. you must have the best decision-making ability with great knowledge of the economy. 

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9.civil engineeringcivil engineer

the role of the civil engineers is to design, build and supervise the infrastructure projects or building properties including bridges, roads, and dams. they also guide the workers and monitor the overall progress of the project. the salary is based on the experience and how old are you in this industry. but generally, civil engineers take contracts of the project and prices are according to size and duration of the projects. bachelor’s in civil engineering is necessary to work as a civil engineer.

10.architect engineering architect engineering 

an architect engineer deals with proper planning and multidisciplinary approach to design and construction of buildings. they have to designs the structural systems of the buildings and property. This is also very high paying jobs in the real estate sectors an average architect engineer earns about 6000$ a month. but a bachelor’s in architecture engineering is necessary for this job.

some frequently asked questions on best paying jobs in real estate investment trusts

what are some high paying jobs in the real estate investment trust

  • analysts
  • broker
  • human resource manager
  • asset manager

these are the highest paying and high demand jobs In real estate investment trusts.

Can REITs make you rich?

Real easter is a long-term field it takes time to increase your wealth. but Yes, definitely as you gain experience in this field this can make you rich.

How much money can you make from REITs?

There are no such limitations of the money you can make in a real estate investment trust there is plenty of job profile which is very high paying like humans resource manager and asset manager. also, every job profile has opportunities for promotions means as you grow your skills your job profile and salary will also increase.

how much real estate analyst make ?

it depends upon how senior you are but on an average a real estate analyst makes around 6000$ to 7000$ per month.

How much do private equity Realtors make?

private equity realtor is a very high paying job profile on an average they makes around 10000$ to 14000$ per month.


real estate investment trusts are the good carer path if you are passionate or qualified in real estate you should try to make a career on doubt they are one of the highest-paying jobs. also due to the rapid growth of this industry they creating more and more job opportunities. real estate investment trust jobs can be a dream job for someone who seriously has long term interest in it.

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