15 high paying amazon online jobs work from home you should consider

Nowadays every company starts hiring people from remote, Amazon is one of them. in fact, remote jobs also have their own advantages. in this article of some amazon online jobs work from home, I will show you some high-paying amazon online work from home jobs where you can apply according to your interest. if you are an online work enthusiastic then you should definitely try this jobs.

some amazon online jobs work from home

1.amazon’s content manageramazon’s content manager

Content is the king for every company that why amazon is always in search of creative and skilled content managers for their company. if you have strong management skills, excellent writing ability and you can deliver high-quality content for them with full of accuracy then this job perfectly suits you. This is one of the highest paying jobs that available online 

2.human resource managerhuman resource manager

If you are graduated in the human resource development field or you have past experience in this field then you can think about this sector. this job profile requires good knowledge of resource management and excellent communication skills.

3.marketing managermarketing manager

The main work of this sector is to attract customers by applying the perfect marketing strategies. if you have any past experience in marketing then this job profile perfectly suits you. this sector requires a highly skilled person who has the perfect approach to apply marketing methods.

4.network support engineernetwork support engineer

The network support team takes care of the smooth conduction of the amazon server. they have to maintain all the technical related activities. this field requires a person who has the great problem-solving ability and complete knowledge of information technology and computer networking systems. Amazon spends a very high amount in these sectors resulting in uninterruptible services. 


Amazon contains a very large amount of written content these all are created and managed by editorial sectors. they hire someone who has great content writing ability with full of accuracy. if you love writing content then you should definitely try this.

6.graphic designergraphic designer

The graphic designing sectors are responsible for beautiful designs you have seen on amazon’s website. if you are of computer science and designing background and have past experience in designing then this job profile perfectly suits you.

7.amazon associate affilateBecome an affiliate marketer

the affiliate marketing industry is growing exponentially. Amazon’s affiliate program can be a career-making platform if you are a content creator, blogger, and Youtuber. simply you have to promote their products and generate sales in return you will get a commission. this is one of the best ways to earn money online. that’s why they captured the market to a very large extent.

8.customer supportcustomer support

Their work is to guide the customers and solve their problems. they have to solve queries like proper delivery of goods and packages and refunds in email, phone call, and live chat. this job profile needs proper knowledge of computers and technical stuff. they must have helping nature with good communication skills. salaries are depending upon your work and post. as you gain skills and experience your salary will also increase.

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9.Front end developerFront end developer

with the help of some senior software developers as front end developers have to perform the development of the cloud infrastructure of the company. this leads to improvement of the designs and technology of the web pages. you have at least a bachelor’s degree in computer science and engineering and good coding knowledge of c++, java programming languages to apply for this job.

10.software development managersoftware development manager

in this role, you have to manage the android development team delivering great ideas which are in favor of customer satisfaction. to apply for this role you have good team building and managing skills with strong problem solving ability and good communication skills.

11.senior manager- data and machine learningsenior manager- data and machine learning

the role of machine learning manager is to investigate and brings innovating solution to problems by applying excellent knowledge of data systems. the company always focuses towards innovation and building new technology to deliver a great customer experience.to apply for this job you must have a bachelor’s degree In computer science or equivalent field and also five years of experience in machine learning. also complete knowledge of Computer Science fundamentals in object-oriented design, algorithm design, data structures, problem solving, and complexity analysis

12.quality assurance engineer

the quality assurance team of amazon has to perform several manuals and automated tests to verify manufacturing defects basically they have to check the quality of the products and assure that product provides great customer satisfaction. to apply for this you must have good hands-on experience in testing and verifying, with good knowledge of the core software testing techniques. bachelor’s degree in computer science and engineering is mandatory

13.Technical program privacy managerTechnical program privacy manager

if you have knowledge of privacy management then you should think of this job. in this job profile, you have to create data policies that respect customer privacy and enable responsible use of personal data. this helps to protect customer’s sensitive personal information. you must have a bachelars degree in computer science and engineering and some experience in this field.

14.sensor engineersensor engineer

their main work is to validating sensor sub-systems in products and perform factory testing of products, review and suggest the best possible sensors for the products. you must have a bachelor’s in mechanical engineering before applying for this field.

15.computer networks engineerscomputer networks engineers

The role of a computer network engineers is to maintain all the networking related filed like local area networks, firewalls and wide area networks. to apply for this job you must have great knowledge of computer networking and its functioning and a bachelor’s degree in electronics and telecommunication engineering.

some frequently asked questions on amazon online jobs work from home 

How do I work for Amazon from home?

There are many amazon online jobs work from home opportunities you can get at amazon.jobs website.choose best suitable jobs for you and apply from there,

Does Amazon pay you to work from home?

yes, definitely amazon offers some high paying professional jobs you can easily able do if you have prior experience in a particular field.

How can I get a job at Amazon?

You can get online application form at the their job portal amazon.jobs and you can apply for interview.


These are some high-paying amazon work from home jobs you can do from your home but you have to give your 100 percent and proper dedication towards your work. You have to choose the perfect job profile according to your background, interest, and skills. 

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